ISBN: 9789173895330

The journey ahead

Reportageböcker, Samhälle/debatt

An engaging blend of reportage, astute analysis and, at times, harrowing personal history, this book is an urgent appeal to redouble our efforts against the epidemic. As treatment has improved, public consciousness of the threat of HIV has diminished, yet we are still a long way from the UNAIDS goal of putting an end to the epidemic by 2030.

Often juxtaposing her current life in Sweden and life in the country of her birth, Zambia, Haanyama systematically outlines the many challenges that stand in the way of achieving this target.

Ophelia Haanyama

Ophelia Haanyama was born and raised in Zambia, and immigrated to Sweden in 1991. A doctor’s call during her pregnancy informed her that she was HIV positive. Now, she shares her personal insight on the disease with people in Sweden – and all around the World – through her engagement with the Noaks Ark Foundation, […]

Senka Islamovic

Senka Islamovic´ is a freelance journalist and editor, working mainly in the field of culture. She is also the communicator for Noaks Ark Syd.