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Ophelia´s journey


Ophelia arrived in Sweden in the early 1990s, when she found out she was HIV positive. Had she never left Zambia she might very well not be alive today.

Ophelia has gone public about her health status, and speaks all over the world on the subject of HIV/AIDS. The battle for the right of people with HIV to lead a normal everyday life, without being discriminated against, was what made her overcome her fears.

Agneta Larsson

Agneta Larsson har arbetat de senaste tjugo åren som journalist på tidningar, tv och med webbplatser.

Ophelia Haanyama

Ophelia Haanyama was born and raised in Zambia, and immigrated to Sweden in 1991. A doctor’s call during her pregnancy informed her that she was HIV positive. Now, she shares her personal insight on the disease with people in Sweden – and all around the World – through her engagement with the Noaks Ark Foundation, […]