ISBN: 978-91-7445-051-4

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Learning, teaching and policy making in VET


Learning, teaching and policy making in VET: Emerging issues in research on vocational education & training vol. 8

This is the 8th volume in the series Emergent Issues in Research on Vocational Education and Training, an outcome of the research work and international networking of the research group VETYL (Vocational Education & Training/Yrkeskunande och Lärande), at the Department of Education, Stockholm University. The chapters in the volume have been written by researchers who contributed with papers at the 8th Stockholm International Conference & Research Workshop on VET, May 11-13, 2022.

The title Learning, Teaching and Policy Making in VET is an umbrella for the presentation of research outcomes focusing on a variety of aspects influencing learning, teaching and policy making in VET in different national contexts. The publication of the 8th volume of the series celebrates the 10th anniversary of the Department of Education and the research group VETYL at Stockholm University.

The content of this volume is of interest for a diversity of readers including undergraduate students, in particular students in initial and in-service teacher training programs for VET, post-graduate students, researchers, and policy makers in Vocational Education & Training.

Lázaro Moreno Herrera
Marianne Teräs
Petros Gougoulakis
Janne Kontio

The Department of Education at Stockholm University

The Department of Education at Stockholm University has published a series of research books via Premiss and Atlas. Most of these books are published on behalf of the Vocational Education and Training (VET/YL) part of the department.